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A Timely Post March 14, 2021

Posted by judylobo in Zoo.
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 It is that time of year again. We spring forward and lose an hour’s sleep. Here are a few tidbits about the history of why we change our clocks twice a year. My good friend Mary, who was raised in Arizona, hates when we change the clocks. Only Arizona and Hawaii stick with one time all year round. Did you know both China and India have only one time zone? I don’t have an opinion about changing the clocks – I just love clocks. I have more clocks in my house than I need but I like looking at them. And by the way – I am never late. Here’s a fun article about them and the man who changes some of the clocks in NYC.


1. Saima - March 14, 2021

I love these! I’m especially a fan of the one in the sidewalk of Wall Street and Maiden Lane.


judylobo - March 14, 2021

I love coming upon unexpected clocks in NYC


2. harb43 - March 14, 2021

I too have clocks ticking or chiming in every room! Great pictures, thanks.


3. Mary Radice - March 14, 2021

Cool clock collection – thanks Judy…..
And by the way – have you ever noticed the time CPZ ducks wake up? It’s at the quack of dawn. 🙂


4. Bonnie - March 14, 2021

Great post sweetie. Love all the ticking pics. You are just simply awesome in a timely fashion…….


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