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Valentine’s Woo at the Zoo February 13, 2011

Posted by judylobo in Amphibians, Animal Video, Baby Animals, Birds, Mammals, Nature, photography, Polar Bears, Red Pandas, Reptiles, Sea Ducks, Sea LIons, Wildlife, Zoo.

Happy Valentine’s Day (a day early).  Woo at the Zoo is a common theme this year. Lots of snuggling, kanoodling and nesting going on all over the animal world.  See if you can spot two in the animal kingdom who live at Casa Lobo amongst the other furry and feathery faces.  Yes, it is not hard to spot both Madison the cat and Benny the dog.

And don’t forget – today is the second of four early opening hour Sundays for photographers at the Central Park Zoo. Get your tickets at 9 AM at the gate and enjoy the Zoo an hour before opening to capture the beauty of the Zoo’s collection. I’ll be there.
Watch the funny animals in love video below today’s montage.


1. Carol King - February 13, 2011

Of course my favorites in this montage are Benny and Madison. But I love the picture of Gus and Ida. They are such a cute (big, hairy) couple.


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