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Spring Has Sprung May 20, 2018

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Spring has finally really sprung (if you don’t mind all of the rain we have had) in New York City. The Central Park Zoo looks especially lush and beautiful. My favorite flowers and trees are in season including laburnum, redbud, wisteria, allium, tulips and daffodils. Come visit.

Mother’s Day 2018 May 13, 2018

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Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mothers, caregivers, nurturers, pamperers, surrogates and loving coddlers out there. My mother, Lillian Wolfe, is long gone, but her advice, warnings and general ‘Lili-isms’ live on in our daily lives.  She taught us to laugh at life, to think, to question authority, to march, to protest – to fight the good fight. She also gave  us our moral compass – one glance from Lillian told us instantly whether our behavior was acceptable or not – and I got a lot of glances.  My sister Terry and I remember many childhood events differently but we both agree that our mother was a  pistol. Here’s to Lillian Wolfe – she formed and informed what we are today.

While at the Central Park Zoo May 6, 2018

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My timing was excellent this week. Not only did spring finally arrive in New York City, but I was able to return to work after 10 weeks of shoulder recovery and physical therapy (ouch). The animals, the welcoming staff, the spring flowers and blossoming trees were music to my ears and subjects to be photographed. Enjoy this week’s photos.

Smithsonian’s National Zoo April 29, 2018

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We took a quick trip to Washington, DC and visited the Smithsonian’s National Zoo. We spent lots of time admiring their newest arrival, two week old western lowland gorilla baby, Moke and his mother, Calaya. We were also charmed by their orangutan toddler, Redd, the giant pandas, clouded leopard, small clawed otters and of course, their new male elephant, Spike. Go visit – it is free (thanks to your taxes).

Spring at the Prospect Park Zoo April 22, 2018

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I bit the bullet this week and tried out my new shoulder while carrying the big camera, not just the phone. The good news is that all went well and I will be headed back to my zoo job shortly. My sports career may be over (inset laughter here), but not my photography gig. The Prospect Park Zoo was fun, as always.

National Zoo Lover’s Day April 8, 2018

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Today, April 8th, is National Zoo Lover’s Day. Needless to say – I am a big zoo fan.
– It is estimated that over 600 million people visit zoos each year.
– There are more than 2,800 zoos and aquariums in the world.
– Germany has more zoos than any other country – 414!
– The US has more than 350 zoos. The total number of AZA accredited zoos and aquariums is 232.
– Over 30 US zoos have more than 1 million visitors a year. Disney’s Animal Kingdom has the most with 9.5 million visitors each year.
– The Philadelphia Zoo is the oldest zoo in the US. It opened on July 1, 1874.
– The oldest running zoo in the world is the Vienna Zoo in Schonbrunn. It was founded in 1752.
Why not go out and visit your favorite Zoo today, enjoy the outdoors and see some amazing animals?

While Not at the Zoo April 1, 2018

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Tomorrow marks seven weeks since my shoulder replacement surgery. It is definitely a very s-l-o-w recovery (it seems there are a lot of moving parts in one’s shoulder). I am working on lifting my SLR camera that I use at the zoo but in the meantime I am using my phone and documenting my zoo gang of three at home. Enjoy some of my recent photos of One-eyed Jack, Audrey and Roberta. Wishing all a very Happy Passover and Easter.

Grandma and the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Tragedy March 25, 2018

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Much has been written about the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory tragedy that happened 107 years today. 146 lives were lost. It was the beginning of a strong labor movement in NYC and many laws were changed to protect workers.

My grandmother, Anna Osipow Goldberg worked at that factory.  She did not go to work the day of the fire.  Why, you may ask?  I never got a straight answer to that question.  By the time I was old enough to understand the consequences of that tragic day, my grandma was consumed by what we called in those days, ‘senility.’  It was probably Alzheimer’s Disease, but that word was not in the lexicon way back then.  My grandma was a tough, stern, unsmiling, woman.  She did not want to talk about her childhood in Czarist Russia, she did not want to talk about the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory – in fact – she did not want to talk of much at all.  Whenever she wanted to speak, it seemed to me as a child, that she spoke in Yiddish.  I think I assumed she did not want us ‘kids’ to know what she was speaking about.

All these years later – I wish I had asked the right questions.  I sure would like to know why she never smiled.  Maybe she was thinking about all of those lives lost – I do not know. The photo shows Grandma holding my mother along with my Grandfather and Aunt Katie.

Go Eagles! March 18, 2018

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Remember the Super Bowl? About six weeks ago, right before my shoulder surgery, we drove south to Philadelphia the day before their Super Bowl victory parade. The Philadelphia Zoo  was all decked out in green and white ‘go eagles’ banners and while the crowd was sparse (it was a bitter cold day) everyone was jubilant over their victory.

Green is the Color of the Day March 11, 2018

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This week is St. Patrick’s Day. It is customary to wear green clothing, shamrocks or an accessory; which is called the “wearing of the green“. Many of our Central Park Zoo animals sport green everyday.