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9/11 Memorial December 18, 2011

Posted by judylobo in photography.

I break from the usual weekly animal montage to bring you photos from our visit to the 9/11 Memorial.  Coincidentally, our tickets were for the same day that the Iraq War officially ended.  So what did we think?  We were impressed.  It is an immense space that eventually will be an open park for all to come visit.  At present you need to order tickets (which are free on-line) and go through a screening process similar to the airport except you do not have to take off your shoes.  Your ticket is scanned five times before you can actually enter the Memorial space.  Once inside, you can stay as long as you like.  Aside from the initially annoying (I would say over the top) people, scanning and maze – once inside it is an entirely different feeling.

The Museum, which is not open yet (financial trouble looms) is an interesting structure that will eventually take you seven stories below the space. I recommend a visit downtown – you will not be disappointed.  You will reflect and respectfully remember.


1. The Florida Sistah - December 18, 2011

Thanks for sharing this Judy. This is on my bucket list to visit, hopefully in 2012.
The Florida Sistah


2. Linc - December 18, 2011

awesome pics….my dad went but I have yet to although I have looked down on it from accross the street…apparently if you go early in the morn to an info booth they give out same day passes…


3. Denise McClean - December 19, 2011

Absolutely beautiful and stirring photos.


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