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Yellowstone’s Winter Landscape January 29, 2012

Posted by judylobo in Nature, photography.

Here is Part Two of my photo homage/montage to Yellowstone National Park in winter. I am drawn to open spaces when I travel.  Living in the vertical world of NYC, where canyons and bits and pieces of the sky are the usual order of the day it is quite a contrast to travel where the landscape goes on and on. You will notice that some of my favorite photos are largely horizontal.  The snow creates pillows and curves in amazing vistas.

I would venture to say seeing a ‘sun dog’ in the morning sky was special (bottom photo).  I had never seen an icy rainbow image surrounding the sun and it was memorable. The grayness of the winter sky cast deep shadows and surprising sparkles galore. Needless to say, the geologic mystery housed in Yellowstone is beauty to both the eye and the ear. Enjoy several seconds of both sound and light as Old Faithful and the Grand Geyser burst in the winter morning.


1. Margaret - January 29, 2012

Thank you for sharing your magnificent photos. I’m jealous. Nature is so beautiful.


2. blondie - January 29, 2012

we’ve been in beautiful, pristine yellowstone in winter many times. it’s hard to describe but your px do it justice


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