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Happy 28th Anniversary to the Central Park Zoo August 7, 2016

Posted by judylobo in Traveling.
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6389Tomorrow is the 28th anniversary of the Central Park Zoo. The long history of the zoo is fascinating – you can read all about it here. There has been some type of animal collection/menagerie at the zoo’s present site since the 1850s. The Central Park Zoo celebrated its rebirth as part of the Wildlife Conservation Society  on 8/8/88.  Some of our amazing animals (and me) have been around for most of the past 28 years. Happy Anniversary to us! Have a fun memory of your time at CPZ? Why not share it today on my whileatthezoo.com site?CPZAT28


1. joel dowshen - August 7, 2016

Wow July that is really something that you have been involved all these years.
Bravo to you and the zoo.


2. joel dowshen - August 7, 2016

that comment was left by Marsha not Joel, huh


3. Barbara Lee - August 7, 2016

My happiest memory of the CPZ is the photo ops with the animals celebrating Halloween–Malia the snow leopard playing with a pumpkin like the kitten that she was. Great blog Judy!


4. Denise McClean - August 8, 2016

28 years ago today CPZ was free until noon. The lines were staggering and it was a zillion degrees. Mayor Koch threw out the “first fish” to the sea lions for the opening. It was great. People kept coming through until nearly 5pm when we had to close. There were tears – we had to remind people…we’ll be open again tomorrow.


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