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BATOBER October 16, 2016

Posted by judylobo in Traveling.



1. Saima Huq - October 16, 2016

These are the best!!!! while working the gate at the US Open, we would see bats fly by, and I would educate my coworkers on bats. They thought bats were fascinating too.


2. Mary - October 17, 2016

Beautiful captures…. bats are so cool! 🙂


3. Helen Risom Belluschi - October 18, 2016

I have always loved bats in flight (and for all that they eat!!) except one time in Tikal, Guatemala when we heard the noise before seeing the size/amount of them in a cave on top of a Monument!!! Never ran down so fast in my life! Many lived in the red clay roof tiles of our house in San Salvador ES, you had to leave/enter carefully at dawn/dusk!!


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