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Bronx Zoo Baby Bonanza July 2, 2017

Posted by judylobo in Traveling.
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We visited the Bronx Zoo about a month ago and were delighted to find so many babies. Included in these wonderful baby sightings were adorable bison, porcupine, tawny frogmouth, Inca tern, gaur, four Pere David fawns, baboon, ring-tailed lemur and the always charming young gorillas. It was a terrific visit. Go visit while they are still young and active.


1. Definitely does not work at the children's zoo - July 2, 2017

Nice compilation, however, I feel like there should have been more photos of the children’s zoo…I hear they’re doing great things over there.


2. Mary - July 2, 2017

Toooo precious! 🙂


3. Margaret Flannery - July 2, 2017

I so much enjoy your weekly pictures. Thank you and Happy 4th of July


4. fotobuff14 - July 3, 2017

Amazing shots Judy


5. saimahuqgmailcom - July 23, 2017

The okapi!!! So beautiful!


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