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Spring at the Prospect Park Zoo April 22, 2018

Posted by judylobo in Zoo.
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I bit the bullet this week and tried out my new shoulder while carrying the big camera, not just the phone. The good news is that all went well and I will be headed back to my zoo job shortly. My sports career may be over (inset laughter here), but not my photography gig. The Prospect Park Zoo was fun, as always.


1. Terry Phelan - April 22, 2018

All the critters welcome you back….me too >


2. Connie Robb - April 22, 2018

Amazing photos again, Judy. Never seen the likes of “Curley” feathered swans(?). The orange monkeys, so sweet and cuddly, what are they?
Congratulations on your shoulder surgery and looking forward to you getting back to work😘😘 hugs, Connie


judylobo - April 22, 2018

Thanks Connie. Those curly swans are sebastobol geese and the orange monkeys are Golden lion tamarins.


3. Mary Radice - April 22, 2018

Glad you’re feeling photo-taking fabulous! These are so beautiful….the black lizard (?) with very large light eyes is so amazingly cute…..Welcome back Judy!! 🙂


4. Denise McClean - April 26, 2018

Judy – wonderful photos as always. you haven’t lost your touch! We’ll be putting our list together for you!


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