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The ‘Boogie Down Bronx’ Zoo August 11, 2019

Posted by judylobo in Zoo.
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I hadn’t been to the Bronx Zoo in about a year and decided to head a bit north for a visit. This large zoo never disappoints. It is difficult to visit every habitat (but I sure did try). I missed a few key areas but will return soon.


1. Ellen Lee - August 11, 2019

Captured the essence – lovely images


2. M.C Escher - August 11, 2019

The hyrax picture had me confused for longer than I’d care to admit. Great photos!


judylobo - August 11, 2019

When I first looked at the hyrax I thought it had two heads.


3. Mary Radice - August 11, 2019

Fab photos….and agree the hyrax pic is amazing…fun! 🙂


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