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Summer at the NY Aquarium August 25, 2019

Posted by judylobo in Zoo.
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My last visit to Brooklyn’s New York Aquarium was in mid-March. It was cold and damp. The upside was that it wasn’t crowded at all. This visit was fun even though there were many more visitors enjoying the summer in Coney Island. We sat through their delightful sea lion behavior show which I had not seen in many years. All in all we had a fun visit which of course included a walk down the boardwalk and a visit to famous Nathan’s. Yum!


1. Conservation Theater - August 25, 2019

I think we were there the same day and time sorry I missed you.

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2. Judy Post - August 25, 2019

Loved the seal!


3. Ellen Lee - August 25, 2019

Great images


4. Lori Micken - August 25, 2019

Yours are my only visits to a zoo. Montana does have one in Billings, but I hate going to that town – – biggest in Montana – – over 100,000 people. Thank you so much for your beautiful pictures. Lori Micken.


judylobo - August 25, 2019

Glad to keep you updated with my zoo and aquarium visits.


5. Linda - August 25, 2019

Great pictures


6. Noemi Medina - August 26, 2019

Spectacular Pictures! Was there on Saturday with my granddaughter/friends and we had an enjoyable time, especially the sea lion show.


7. bumper sticker - August 26, 2019

Thanks for the great photos! I really like the renovated Aquarium. The shark exhibit is incredible. And the sea lion demonstration is wonderful. The “star” of the sea lion show is Bruiser. Do you remember him from the Central Park Zoo? He was there as a pup, and Celia was his trainer. She did a great job! I remember narrating the demonstration at CPZ and joking about how anybody could give a cute little sea lion pup the name “Bruiser”. He sure grew into that name! And so smart, too!


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