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National Zookeeper Week 2020 July 26, 2020

Posted by judylobo in Zoo.
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It is day 135 for me staying home during COVID19. I had a knee replacement on June 30. It seemed like a good time to do it since I needed it and was staying home anyway. I salute our dedicated zookeepers as we just celebrated National Zookeeper’s week. Zookeeper’s faces may change from year to year but the hard work, resourcefulness and commitment remain the same. I salute you all and especially the staff at my home base, the Central Park Zoo. You allow me to take your photos while you perform your tasks with good humor and I appreciate that. Hope to see you all soon. Stay Safe please and wear a mask.


1. Terry Phelan - July 26, 2020

The zookeepers will be happy….I hope people don’t realize this is a repeat….the lack of masks might be a clue to some >

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judylobo - July 26, 2020



2. Elaine Charney - July 26, 2020

Great to see all the great people. Glad to have you back.


judylobo - July 26, 2020

Thanks Elaine.


3. Mark Wellen - July 26, 2020

a great tribute — i can see the joy and love with which they do their jobs. thank you.


4. Irina Clark - July 26, 2020

Kudos to the zookeepers. Take of yourself. Hopefully someday soon you will be back walking through the zoos!


5. Carole Klein - July 26, 2020

What wonderful faces. Those folks make it happen.

Have a fast recovery with the knee, the chorus line has a place for a high kicker like you.

Carole Klein


6. Ellen Lee - July 26, 2020

Great tribute to zookeepers everywhere.


7. Mj Wyatt - July 26, 2020

I love our Zoo Keepers. They work sooo hard and do so much for our beloved animals. From diet, to habitat improvement to behavioral enrichment, they improve life every day for our furry, feathered and scaly pals. Love these pix Judy.


8. joel dowshen - July 26, 2020

Yes, people can be as cute as animals…


9. Mary Radice - July 26, 2020

Welcome back Judy – hope your surgery did you much good! Nice fun fabulous tribute to zoo’s essential workers! And lastly – did you hear about the panda who once hid his food in order to get more. The zookeepers were bamboozeled!!


10. carolmorrison@verizon.net - July 26, 2020

Thanks for the picturesJudy. I was so happy to see our beautiful zoo keepers faces! Hope yourecovery is going well. Regards, Carol


11. Lisette - July 26, 2020

Woohooo to the zookeepers! And glad you’re back, Judy! Miss you! Sending you huggies!


12. Erin Prada - July 27, 2020

Awe…so many faces at a place I miss! These are wonderful shots as always Judy. Our keepers are amazing! I hope you’re knee is almost recovered 🙂


13. bumper sticker - July 27, 2020

Great to see the faces of our wonderful zookeepers. I really miss them! Also, hope you have an easy recovery from your knee surgery!


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