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Virtual Thanksgiving Day Parade November 26, 2020

Posted by judylobo in Zoo.
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 Like everything else in this crazy COVID19 year, Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is going to be very different. I thought I would re-post my adventures from last year’s parade since this year there will be no spectators. In 2019 I was lucky to be able to get six bleacher tickets for the parade. Prior to the parade the local weather forecasters were predicting dire wind circumstances for the balloons. Would they fly or wouldn’t they fly? Turns out they did fly (sort of). Most of the balloons were horizontal and it was very tricky to try to contain them. Kudos to the balloon handlers for generally keeping them afloat. My family loved the parade despite the cold, the wind and the two hour wait before it began. Whatever you are doing today – please be safe.


1. Maria Buncick - November 26, 2020

WOW, that’s a lotta balloons… I had no idea!

Lover your cornucopia collage. Good photoshop job!

P.S. Change my email address to this one. The one you sent this to (scratchina@…)is soon to be discontinued.

Maria Buncick



judylobo - November 26, 2020

Thanks Maria. I changed your email.


2. Ellen Lee - November 26, 2020

Thank you. So sad about the parade this year. Very nostalgic. My Dad used to take my sister and me to watch it when we were little. Got lost one year and watched it from Macy’s Lost and Found.


judylobo - November 26, 2020

Lost and found? That’s quite a memory. Hoping next year is normal


3. harb43 - November 26, 2020

I love your parade pictures(again) According to Google there are usually 16 Big Balloons and 26 Floats. Not this year. Be Happy, Be Safe.


judylobo - November 26, 2020

You too Helen


4. joel dowshen - November 26, 2020

And Happy Thanksgiving to the gang at Casa Lobo…and special thanks for spreading so much joy all year long!


judylobo - November 27, 2020

Thanks so much Joel


5. bringlite@aol.com - November 26, 2020

Beautiful and so colorful pics my friend. Loved this

Sent from my iPhone



6. Mary Radice - November 26, 2020

Thanks Judy! Good to see last year’s balloons! And some levity…..enjoy….. 🙂


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