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Sunrise from the Empire State Building April 11, 2021

Posted by judylobo in Zoo.
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 Now that we are all venturing out as we get vaccinated it is time to make up for the lost COVID year. Fresh from my adventure to the Edge a few weeks ago we decided to go to the 86th floor and watch the sun rise from atop the Empire State Building. it is amazing that this iconic building was completed in just 13 months. I hadn’t been to the ESB since I was a kid and my buddy, Amy had never been – so off we went. I was not expecting the most fabulous sunrise (as long as we did not have fog I would be happy). The city is quiet on a Saturday morning and it was great watching the hints of light and color on the horizon. If was a wonderful experience (if you don’t count that fact that I forgot to put the battery in my SLR camera). All of today’s photos were taken with my iPhone. If you can get up early you might consider trying this unique, fun adventure. Before departing the venue you should visit the second floor which is filled with history, interactive exhibits and of course – King Kong.


1. Christina - April 11, 2021

Wow, that’s astonishing! I didn’t know you could go there for sunrise; will have to do that. Don’t miss Central Park this week … it was glorious on Thursday. Thanks for the pics.


2. joel dowshen - April 11, 2021

A new dawn for our favorite city…from our own Fay “RAY”! Thanks.


3. Ellen Lee - April 11, 2021

On my list thanks


4. bumper sticker - April 11, 2021

Great photos. Thanks! The ESB is a great spot for amazing perspectives. Decades ago, a friend and I would go to the top of the ESB to watch the 4th of July fireworks. It’s a great top-down perspective of the NYC fireworks, and you could also see bursts of smaller fireworks from around the area. Magical.


judylobo - April 11, 2021

sounds like a great ides to me


5. Mary Radice - April 11, 2021

So so fun outing – thanks Judy!! By the way, do you think King Kong can jump higher than the Empire State Building? Yep, he can – the thing is – a building can’t jump! 🙂


judylobo - April 11, 2021

LOL – another good one mary


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