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Happy Father’s Day 2021 June 20, 2021

Posted by judylobo in Zoo.
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 While most caregivers in the animal kingdom are mothers, there are some fathers who join in the role as caregiver. I salute some of those fathers out there in today’s photo montage. Coincidentally – tomorrow is also National Martini Day. Why not celebrate that special day today? The photo above today’s montage is of my father, sister and me (circa – the beginning of time).


1. Ellen Lee - June 20, 2021

Lovely tribute to Dad’s evertwhere


judylobo - June 20, 2021

thanks Ellen


2. carolmorrison@verizon.net - June 20, 2021

You pictures are always a delight.  Thanks for the Father’s Day shots.  I Iaughed


judylobo - June 20, 2021

Glad to be able to make you laugh and smile


3. Bonnie Simms - June 20, 2021

Loved this post and seeing your family pic. Sweet memories honey


judylobo - June 20, 2021

Sweet memories


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