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#42 September 11, 2022

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 True story. I was at a Brooklyn Dodgers game at Ebbets Field with my father sometime in the ‘50s. We were in the parking lot going to our car when we met Jackie Robinson, chatted and then got his autograph. He seemed to me the tallest person I had ever seen and as it turns out…one of the nicest. The Jackie Robinson Museum opened last week and what a thrill it was to visit. There’s a whole lot to know  about this amazing man. He was a family man, an activist for social justice, an incredible ball player and soldier. In a ceremony before the April 15, 1997, game between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the New York Mets at Shea Stadium, the baseball commissioner declared that No. 42 – Robinson’s number with the Brooklyn Dodgers – would be permanently retired throughout Major League Baseball. It was also fun to speak to the other visitors about our experiences as Brooklyn Dodger fans (both old and young). Please visit – you will not be disappointed (even if you are a Yankees fan). Speaking of fun –  after a two year hiatus, the Central Park Zoo is happy to bring back our photo classes. This time we feature my favorite – PUMPKINS! It is being held on Sunday October 23rd and you can sign up here. See you there!

Madison Square Park Reflections December 16, 2012

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Benny and meMadison Square Park is the park where Benny, my dog, and I spend lots of time.  Benny’s time is spent sniffing and dreaming of catching that elusive squirrel and I daydream, reflect, chat with neighbors, other dog walkers, and strangers. Beginning in 1912, Madison Square Park was home to the first public holiday tree in the nation.  Considering the special 100th year anniversary Benny and I spent some quality time admiring this year’s tree.  If you look closely you can see both of us in the reflections.  Madison Square Park was home to the torch of the Statue of Liberty for six years to raise funds for the completion of the statue and its pedestal.  There is also a suggestion that the southwest corner of Madison Square Park is where America’s pastime, baseball, got its mid-19th century start.game.. Whatever the history – enjoy today’s reflections.