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Another West Side Story April 24, 2022

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 The West Side of Manhattan is growing and changing in a mostly good way. Pier 57 is the latest free, public space opened this week (thanks to Google)and I decided to check it out early on Earth Day. The food hall is not open yet but it surely will draw a crowd and is located right next to the wonderful Little Island. I decided to walk home via the High Line which is also one of my favorite spots (if you can get there early). Since it opened in 2009 the surrounding area has encroached ever closer to this lovely public space and the construction seems endless. Hudson Yards is at the end of the High Line and has an observation deck called The Edge which I went to a little over a year ago. Get out and explore Manhattan if you can. It is great exercise and the views are outstanding. Hint: go early because the tourists are back.

Late Fall at the NY Aquarium January 26, 2020

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My California family visited NYC Thanksgiving week. We did lots of great fun touristy things like walking over the Brooklyn Bridge and then having Grimaldi’s pizza in Brooklyn (yum), the Thanksgiving Day parade, the High Line and the Vessel at Hudson Yards. Not to be missed was a chance to go to Coney Island for some delicious Nathan’s hot dogs and fries. While at Coney Island we also visited the NY Aquarium. We were lucky that it was not crowded and could spend more quality time with these beautiful sea creatures.It was a fabulous week.
 Two weeks to go until our February 9th Central Park Zoo Valentine themed photo session. Sign up here for some before the zoo opens photo fun.