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Sink or Swim May 7, 2023

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I was walking on Park Avenue last Tuesday headed to the AKC’s Museum of the Dog when I came upon the strikingly realistic work of  artist Carole A. Feuerman. A series of nine of her hyper-realistic swimmer sculptures are on display along Park Avenue from 34th Street to 38th Street in Manhattan. Feuerman is credited as being one of the founding members of the hyper-realistic art movement which started in the 1970s. Today, she is the only female artist who creates hyper-realistic painted outdoor sculptures. Bright vibrant colors make the sculpture pop against the streetscape and skyline while metallic and reflective accents make them glisten in the sun. By the way, the Dog museum is closed on Tuesdays. LOL

Maya Lin’s Ghost Forest June 27, 2021

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 I am a big fan of public art. Public art is visually and physically accessible to the public; it is installed or staged in public space or the public realm, usually outside. Public art seeks to embody public or universal concepts rather than commercial, partisan or personal concepts or interests. It is not commercial and is usually temporary. Madison Square Park is my neighborhood park and has been exhibiting public art since 2004. I have adored most of the previous exhibits and was usually sad when they left but I knew another project would be coming our way and looked forward to that. Architect Maya Lins Ghost Forest is a grand success. She explains it much better than I can in this four minute video and shows us how she conceived and built this new work. It is on thru November 13. 2021 and I encourage a visit. You can also have a Shake Shack meal in the original Shake Shack in the park. Eataly is directly across the street and the new Harry Potter shop is one block away for you non-Muggles. Another public art project is happening the city in August. Yes, the Cow Parade is coming back to NYC from August 18 to September 30.

Hello, Columbus October 27, 2012

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Regardless of your opinion about explorer Christopher Columbus, this public art installation  at Columbus Circle is interesting and thought provoking. Japanese artist Tatzu Nishi continues his oeuvre of transforming statues, monuments and architectural details.  We get an intimate perspective of the statue, fabulous views and a six story walk up for exercise. You have until November 18th to check it out.  It is free and worth your time.