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Whose Toes Are Those? February 26, 2012

Posted by judylobo in Nature, photography, Wildlife, Zoo.
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For those that like games – try to guess whose toes are those? Yes, some of the photos feature hands and paws, but play along anyway.  See how many you can guess correctly. The answers are below today’s photo montage.

Row Above Title: Chinstrap Penguin
Row 1:  Tapir, Malaysian Flying Fox, Meerkat
Row 2: Eagle, Elephant
Row 3: Water Monitor, Collared Lemur, Amazon fronted parrot
Row 4: Ringtail Lemur, Tapir
Row 5: Polar bear, Sloth bear, Baboon
Row 6: Nicobar pigeon, Tree Kangaroo
Row 7: Turtle, Silvery Marmoset
Row 8: Andean Bear, Snow Monkey
Row 9: Cotton-top Tamarin, Baboon