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Buffalo Zoo July 15, 2012

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The 8th and final zoo on our zoocation, was The Buffalo Zoo – and what a  zoo it is.  There were surprises around every corner.  It seems that sometimes a zoo map does not reveal all that there is to see. Not only did we see meerkat babies, we saw a tiny wallaby joey still in the pouch, agouti babies, a snow monkey baby, boat-billed heron chicks, and more.  Their tropical rainforest is sensational (complete with occasional rain) and to add icing to an already delicious cake, a former Central Park Zookeeper now works at the Buffalo Zoo and we were able get some memorable behind the scenes access. Thanks Shanna!

Speaking of zookeepers, today is the start of Zookeeper Appreciation Week.  If you happen to visit a zoo this week, why not tell a zookeeper how much you appreciate what they do – I know I will.

So this photo montage completes our 2012 summer zoocation. Does anyone have a favorite zoo they would like to tell me about?  Maybe my zoo buddy and I can start planning a zoocation from one of your suggestions (assuming we haven’t already visited).  She tells me we have been to 78 unique zoos together since we started this whole thing about five years ago.


1. Martyna Zmi - July 15, 2012

Oh my god! The Beardsley Zoo’s ocelot Ayla just moved to the Buffalo Zoo’s rainforest! That must be a picture of her new boyfriend hehe. Also, I will be going there soon to pick up some of those agouti babies and to visit my favorite kitty and see the amazing rainforest. I can’t wait now. Good to know that a former CPZ keeper works there too! This made me smile a lot. Thanks!


2. Mary Schwalm - July 15, 2012

Zoocation complete!! Where to next?


3. deborah - July 15, 2012

What a fabulous vacation – a zoocation. Whenever I go on vacation I make it part of my trip to visit the zoo. Great job Judith!


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