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Cleveland Metroparks Zoo August 12, 2018

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Our final stop on our mini-zoocation was the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. We hadn’t been there since 2010 and there were many positive changes to this large zoo. Thanks to our hosts, Amy and Jenny for showing us around town and sharing their home with us. Among the many zoo surprises were three snow leopard kittens, a baby rhino, an adorable young orangutan and a baby Persian onager (horse). 

A Return to the Potawatomi Zoo July 29, 2018

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We continued our recent mini-zoocation to South Bend, Indiana, to visit good friend Josh Sisk who has returned to the  Potawatomi Zoo, as Director of Animal Programs and Education. What a fun visit and reunion.  This 23 acre facility is beautiful – with a varied and interesting collection. The sightlines are wonderful and the habitats are large and user friendly to the visitor. They have eight species of primates, four species of big cats, Sichuan Takins, camels, okapis and much more. There is something new and fascinating around every corner. Thank you Josh for your generosity and time. We loved our visit and will be back for sure.

Toledo Zoo & Aquarium July 22, 2018

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We headed west last week to visit good friends in Toledo, South Bend and Cleveland. It was a whirlwind planned four days (and with one flight cancellation became five days). A shout out to Karen, Olive and Chuck for being generous and great hosts. Zoo fun for all.

June at the San Francisco Zoo June 24, 2018

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Last week’s trip to the west coast was filled with great weather, family fun and a few adventures. A west coast visit would not be complete without a stop at the San Francisco Zoo. There were lots of new animals to see (wolves, bears, sifakas) and improvements to many habitats. A shout out to Dominick, who always makes our visit better and more memorable.

Smithsonian’s National Zoo April 29, 2018

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We took a quick trip to Washington, DC and visited the Smithsonian’s National Zoo. We spent lots of time admiring their newest arrival, two week old western lowland gorilla baby, Moke and his mother, Calaya. We were also charmed by their orangutan toddler, Redd, the giant pandas, clouded leopard, small clawed otters and of course, their new male elephant, Spike. Go visit – it is free (thanks to your taxes).

Go Eagles! March 18, 2018

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Remember the Super Bowl? About six weeks ago, right before my shoulder surgery, we drove south to Philadelphia the day before their Super Bowl victory parade. The Philadelphia Zoo  was all decked out in green and white ‘go eagles’ banners and while the crowd was sparse (it was a bitter cold day) everyone was jubilant over their victory.

Happy Zoo Year! December 31, 2017

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It has been a good year for new faces, places and spaces.  Thank you for coming along for the ride. I celebrate the end of my 14th year of Sunday photo montages, and following tradition, I leave you with with no ‘ifs,’ – just ends and butts. Below is a list of some of those new places that we have visited. Looking forward to more zoo-cations in 2017 and wishing you all a very Happy Zoo Year!

The Orchid Show 
The Met Roof 
Ft Wayne Children’s Zoo
Toledo Zoo 
Cincinnati Zoo
Oakland Zoo
Bronx Zoo
Legos at RBG
Food as Art
Southwick’s Zoo
A Zoo Grows in Brooklyn
Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade
Bosque del Apache
Albuquerque Zoo 

Albuquerque Zoo December 3, 2017

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Our recent visit to New Mexico included a visit to the wonderful 64 acre Albuquerque Zoo. A shout out to Karen and Keith for making our visit so very special. The zoo is beautiful and filled with a varied collection of amazing animals. They are in the midst of building a new penguin habitat that promises to be terrific. I will be back to see that when it is open next year.
My good friend and zoocation buddy Mary Schwalm has created another sensational 2018 Calendar. They are $10 each and are great for the office party and gift exchanges. CD sized calendar are perfect for a desk. Send an email at maryschwalm@gmail.com and get your order shipping by Monday. I have already sent her my check. (See sample below today’s photo montage).

Return to Southwick’s Zoo October 29, 2017

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I took my annual trip north to New England to visit good friends last week. We laughed, had great food, enjoyed the autumnal leaves and of course, visited a zoo or two. Southwick’s Zoo in Mendon MA is always on our list and does not disappoint. We will be back.

Wholly Toledo October 1, 2017

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Couldn’t resist the play on words about Toledo in today’s title. I have made umpteen trips to Toledo to visit good friends who have relocated there in the past few years. Every visit gets better and better. The Toledo Zoo grows more expansively each year and it is always a fun and adventurous place to visit. A shout out to Jeff, Jason, John, Chuck, Karen, Juan, Baby Olive, Juba, Leela, Picasso and Zack for the fun and laughs. I will be back soon.