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Bronx Zoo’s Tiger Cubs September 16, 2012

Posted by judylobo in Baby Animals, Nature, photography, Wildlife, Zoo.
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Recent news that the Bronx Zoo had three tiger cubs sent me traveling north to the Bronx yesterday. Who doesn’t love tiger cubs?  It was well worth the trip. The cubs are adorable.  Other delightful surprises included rock hyrax babies, a whole bunch of dwarf mongoose babies, a young sifaka and brown ruffed lemur and an adorable young sea lion pup.  All in all – a fine Saturday visit.

Don’t forget my Central Park Zoo Fall Photography workshop class has been moved to Sunday, November 11th from 9:00AM-11:00AM. The original date (Sunday, November 4th) conflicted with the NYC Marathon. This class fills up quickly. Click on this Central Park Zoo link,  read all about the workshop and sign up for some guaranteed photo fun. There are programs and classes for all ages.  Check them all out and plan for a fun fall and winter zoo experience.




1. wendy - September 16, 2012

Hey, we were at the Bronx Zoo yesterday, too! Small world, big zoo 😉


2. fotobuff14 - September 16, 2012

Great shots as always Judith. I will be at the Bronx Zoo tomorrow. Can’t wait to see the babies. I have to ask – how did you get the great shot of the black leopard? I can never get a clear shot because the glass is alway smeared with something!!!!.


3. judylobo - September 16, 2012

The sun was behind a cloud and the glass was clean. I got lucky with my timing of that gorgeous cat.


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