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Winter Arrives at the Central Park Zoo February 10, 2013

Posted by judylobo in Traveling.
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Enez in hot tubFriday’s storm (aka Nemo) hit the Big Apple with a gentle touch.  Nothing could keep me from getting some post-storm shots at the Central Park Zoo.  Enjoy the snow loving animals and please watch my friend and zoocation buddy, Mary Schwalm’s  time lapse video of little Barbie getting creamed by a heavy hitting Nemo in her backyard in North Andover MA.   If you subscribe to my weekly photos (and get them in your in-box) you are probably not able to view my videos from your inbox image.  Just scroll up and click on the blue link (which is the name of today’s send) and it will take you back to my ‘While at the Zoo’ website where you can watch today’s video selection. WINTERARRIVESCPZ


1. Carol King - February 10, 2013

The snow leopard and Gus look magnificent in the snow. As they should. I laughed (again) at Barbie and the snow.


2. Mary Schwalm - February 10, 2013

Love Gus with his head in the snow bank, i felt like that A LOT yesterday! There’s nothing better than some gorgeous photos of some amazing animals to remind us how beautiful snow can be!


3. Robert Goldberg - February 10, 2013

wow. and I mean W O W ….what great pictures


4. saima - February 10, 2013

the desmoiselle cracks me up …. my names for those 3 are Larry, Moe & Curly


5. fotobuff14 - February 10, 2013

Taking snow shots is one of my favorite things to do but taking them at the zoo is the best of all shots. Love the them all Judith especially the snow leopard shot where he is looking right at you. Gus looks like he is having a good ol’ tme.


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