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Spring at the Central Park Zoo March 31, 2013

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the easter bennyRarely a holiday goes by (whether we celebrate it or not here at Casa Lobo) that doesn’t cry out for a new hat that Benny the dog can wear. Enjoy this year’s Easter Benny..

Spring has sprung at the Central Park Zoo. The flowers are waking up after a long winter, and our animals are more active than ever.  Come visit us.

Our Breakfast with the Birds class (April 28th) is sold out but there are a few spaces left in our Family Program, Images in Spring (Sunday, April 14th from 9 to 10:30).  This family program is designed for parents and kids to share a photo adventure before the zoo opens. Click here for details and to sign up.



1. Helen Belluschi - March 31, 2013

Again, as always, I love your weekly mailings! And Benny is a fine Easter Bunny representative (neither Madison nor Esy-meralda would put up with that nonsense) !!!! I know that you are off to another zoocation …. to where? Just curious, not to mention envious! My travels this summer will take me to Sturbridge Village, Denver, Hamburg, Copenhagen and of course Block Island!!! There is a fabulous zoo in Copenhagen, though it might be 15+ years since I have been there. Besides any religious significance, I am severely turned off Easter by all the crass commercialism! But watching people on The Avenue can be good for a giggle. Enjoy your day, Helen

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2. ladyofthezoos - March 31, 2013

Great pictures again! You always seem to capture personality in every animal! I hope to visit New York again soon so I can visit Central Park Zoo this time!


3. Janet Salzman - March 31, 2013

Obviously Benny loves you unconditionally to become Eater Benny!!! We can all learn from him…Janet


4. Linc - April 1, 2013

Lmao!! Easter Benny….just got back from Naples, Florida ….went to the Naples Zoo! It’s now a part of AZA and they are fundraising and building….love your pics as always!


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