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National Zoo Keeper Appreciation Week July 21, 2013

Posted by judylobo in Traveling.
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ZOOKEEPER WEEKThe third week in July is National Zoo Keeper Appreciation Week. I appreciate these terrific people all year long and dedicate this week’s photo montage to the 18 people who make everything great at my zoo, the Central Park Zoo.  I thank you, one and all, for all you do – the unsung heroes – each and every day.  If you go to a zoo this week, please say ‘thanks’ to a zoo keeper when you see one. Let’s hear it for ALL of the hard working, dedicated Zoo Keepers out there.



1. tiger719@nyc.rr.com - July 21, 2013

wow. I even know most of those people. very smart idea to honor CPZ’s finest


2. wendy walters - July 21, 2013

My heroes!


3. Margaret Markey - July 21, 2013

Thank you for all your beautiful and moving photos from throughout the year. As an avid fan of the Central Park Zoo and a WCS member, I particularly enjoy seeing photos of Gus, Bedrock and their zoo mates. Thank you also for the reminder of zookeeper week. All the best, Marge


4. Helen Belluschi - July 21, 2013

Great photos.

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5. Yolanda Davis - July 21, 2013

Love seeing these!


6. bumper sticker - July 22, 2013

Hooray for the CPZ zoo keepers! Great photos!


7. stinkyface16 - July 22, 2013

I love it!!!!!!


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