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Kittens! November 1, 2013

Posted by judylobo in Traveling.
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Audrey:RobertaMeet my two new kittens – Audrey and Roberta.  They are seven weeks old and have been exploring every nook and cranny in my home.  They are curious about Benny the dog (he seems to like them a lot) and rightfully cautious about Madison the cat.  They are endlessly entertaining.  Enjoy!



1. Helen Belluschi - November 1, 2013

You are having WAAAAAY too much fun with them! And we are benefitting! Ummm, not even one photo of the disgruntled Madison? xoxo


2. tiger719@nyc.rr.com - November 1, 2013

this is great thanks


3. DEBBIE CAPONIGRO-KAHN - November 1, 2013

Audrey and Roberta are gorgeous and very lucky to find their forever home with you Judith. Lots of luck and purrs with your new furbabies,


4. Gloria - November 1, 2013

Hey, these aren’t those adorable kittens that caused the subway system shutdown a few weeks back, are they? No matter, they are beyond cute and I’m sure are livening up your home.


5. Bumper sticker - November 1, 2013

So adorable! You must be kvelling.


6. stevebass - November 1, 2013

Perfect timing for a few minutes with “Who Stole my Bed”…


7. janet Salzman - November 1, 2013

Theere is a book of photos here!!! I would put it on my coffee table…… These pictures deserve a very wide audience….!!!


8. April Rivkin - November 3, 2013

Oh my, just how cute are these two?!?!?!?!!? Love the one looking at Benny and the 2 of them asleep on each other. Glad it’s all working out.


9. Michelle Krauss - November 4, 2013

Cute–but will never quite be Fang!


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