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October at the Bronx Zoo November 3, 2013

Posted by judylobo in Traveling.
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Gibbon and BabyA recent overdue visit to the Bronx Zoo was lots of fun. We saw playful gorillas, a young snow leopard cub, tiger adolescents, Okapi, gibbon and more.  Enjoy!BRONX10.2013


1. ladyofthezoos - November 3, 2013

I love the Bronx Zoo, I can’t wait to visit again!


2. Ronald and Diona Koerner - November 3, 2013

Hi Judy:

I always look at your pics and I’m so impressed with these of our Bronx Zoo animals. I’m also jealous – how did you get to see the gibbons? We hardly ever see them. Diona Mon FOZ

Date: Sun, 3 Nov 2013 11:24:08 +0000 To: rdkoerner@msn.com


judylobo - November 4, 2013

We actually got the gibbon tip from a photographer who apparently is a regular. She spotted them for us. It was a great day.


3. fotobuff14 - November 3, 2013

Hi Judith

Just got back from the Bronx Zoo about 4 hours ago. It was the perfect day for a walk through a great zoo. A very colorful walk too. Love your gorilla shot. When I looked quickly I thought the gorilla was holding a cell phone. Was that your intention? Thanks for sharing.


judylobo - November 4, 2013

Glad you noticed Julia with her cell phone.


4. Margaret Flannery-McVey - November 7, 2013

I so enjoy your weekly pictures. They are so good. Thank you so much for sharing.


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