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SNOWZILLA! February 16, 2014

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SNOWZILLA PANDAThe winter presses on – with over 56 inches of snow in NYC  in 2014. I am not sure how many more Sunday montage titles I can use – maybe Snowmageddon is next. The Central Park Zoo animals (especially the snow leopards, snow monkeys and red pandas) are my snow muses.  Also watch a lovely video that my friend and Zoo Guide Wendy Walters made of our adorable cubs as they romped in the snow. A shout out to Wendy for deleting the sound of my clicking camera while she was filming.

  – Come visit!

If you enjoy my weekly photos, how about signing up for my next Central Park Zoo Photography Workshop on Sunday, March 9, from 8:30 to 10:30.  Experience breakfast and a photo shoot with our Tropical Birds and maybe we will be lucky and there will still be some opportunities for snow photos too.snowzilla



1. Helen Belluschi - February 16, 2014

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!! Brings out great photos, and really … Who would like only sunny photos? Is that a crane, mid-way down? We have a blue heron living in the river in the state owned property next door …. When “he” is in “hunched” position, his body positively spells “cold, very cold” …. but then of course when he stretches up or gets a tasty morsel, he is a JOY !!! Re : your quandary over whether to start another picture-a-day for Bennie and Madison ??? I always love your mailings, but really it puts a huge pressure on you daily doesn’t it? Perhaps a compromise would be to continue to toss in one of the “olders” with the youngsters, as you have been doing? I was in the city yesterday, a whole day at the U.N. with the LIONS. Most people seem to be taking the slushy and/or frozen sidewalks in stride! Good luck with your class on 9 March. xoxo Helen

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2. tiger - February 16, 2014

As always,   great photos

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