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Staten Island Zoo – Summer July 20, 2014

Posted by judylobo in Traveling.
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Binturong Baby -Staten Island ZooAnother terrific, fun visit to the Staten Island Zoo. This gem of a zoo gets better with each passing week. Thanks again to General Curator and Vet, Marc Valitutto for his time and insight. We all had loads of fun meeting a baby binturong (still smells like popcorn), adorable arctic fox pups, a kangaroo joey, sweet fennec fox, Neeble, the young cassowary, a baby Patagonian cavy, MJ, the almost full grown Tamandua and of course, CC the wonder sloth. Enjoy!SIZOO7.2014


1. KRYS FOX - July 20, 2014

Baby Foxes!?! So jealous!!!! ❤


2. Carol King - July 20, 2014

Loved all these pictures.


3. Carole Rycus - July 20, 2014

You have the best career! Love these animal photos!


4. Mary Radice - July 20, 2014

WOW…more blindingly beautiful shots Judy! Thanks a billion!! 🙂


5. Debbie Caponigro-Kahn - July 21, 2014

Love these photos Judith. Can’t wait to go back.


6. ladyofthezoos - July 25, 2014

Love binturongs!


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