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Happy Mother’s Day – 2015 May 10, 2015

Posted by judylobo in Traveling.
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Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mothers, caregivers, nurturers, pamperers, surrogates and loving coddlers out there. Most of today’s photos were taken on last week’s all Texas Zoocation.  We had a blast and I will be posting photos of those great Texas zoos in the coming weeks.

My mother, Lillian Wolfe, is long gone, but her advice, warnings and general ‘Lili-isms’ live on in our daily lives.  She taught us to laugh at life, to think, to question authority, to march, to protest and generally act upon what we thought was wrong. She also gave  us our moral compass – one glance from Lillian told us instantly whether our behavior was acceptable or not – and I got a lot of glances.  My sister Terry and I remember many childhood events differently but we both agree that our mother was a  pistol. Here’s to Lillian Wolfe – she formed and informed what we are today.MD2015


1. roamingpursuits - May 10, 2015

Very cute.


2. Carol King - May 10, 2015

Awww, I love all the mamas and babies.


3. Irina Clark - May 10, 2015

Sweet images for Mothers Day or any day! Which zoos in Texas did you visit?


judylobo - May 10, 2015

We visited Dallas, Caldwell, Cameron Park, San Antonio, Houston and Moody Gardens.


4. Yolanda Davis - May 10, 2015

💗 So sweet!


5. Mary - May 10, 2015

Love seeing the OKapis….they are more than aOK!! Great ears 🙂


6. fotobuff14 - May 10, 2015

A totally Awwwww moment. Love Love Love these photos.


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