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Potawatomi Zoo – South Bend, Indiana September 13, 2015

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serval and us copyWe took a mini-zoocation to South Bend, Indiana this week, to visit good friend and now General Curator at the Potawatomi Zoo, Josh Sisk.  What a fun and eye opening visit.  This 23 acre facility is beautiful – with a varied and interesting collection. The sight lines are wonderful and the habitats are large and very user friendly to the visitor. They have eight species of primates, four species of big cats, Sichuan takin, red panda, river otters, anteater and on and on. There was something new and fascinating around every corner. I was especially enamored with the Amur leopard and her three, six month old cubs. Thank you Josh for your generosity and time. We loved our visit and will be back for sure.POTAWATOMIZOO


1. TERRY PHELAN - September 13, 2015

I liked this bunch ..I can see some of them becoming part of my new wall mural


2. tiger - September 13, 2015

Wow.   Look at you

Sent from a Smart Phone but typed by a dumb typist.


3. panhandlegap - September 13, 2015

Always makes me smile on Sunday morn.


4. Mary - September 13, 2015

Off the charts takes!! Nice to see Josh again too!…… 🙂


5. fotobuff14 - September 13, 2015

What a great collection of photos. Love the owl eye and the peelng snow leopard. Definitely adding this to my must see list


6. Verna - September 14, 2015

What fun. Everyone, including you, looking good!


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