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Happy Holidays to One and All! December 24, 2017

Posted by judylobo in Zoo.
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In this penultimate photo montage of the year I bring you photos of my little zoo at home. Hoping your holiday season is filled with cheer. From Jack, the One-eyed Dog, Madison the Elder cat, sisters Audrey and Roberta and of course, me.


1. Ellen Lee - December 24, 2017

Thanks for sharing. Happy holidays to you and yours

judylobo - December 24, 2017

Thank you Ellen. Hope to see you at February’s photo fun class.

2. Barbara Bunting - December 24, 2017

Thank you for a wonderful year of delightful postings. I look forward to seeing them every Sunday. May you and your precious pets have a wonderful new year.

judylobo - December 24, 2017

Right back at ya!

3. Terry Phelan - December 24, 2017

Thank you.. Am I the One or in the ALL?


judylobo - December 24, 2017


4. Margaret Flannery - December 24, 2017

You have such a beautiful way of capturing the essence of animals/pets. Please continue. I agree with someone above who enjoys looking at you collage of pictures every week..

May you have a great New Year.

judylobo - December 24, 2017

Thank you Margaret

5. Dentist from Brooklyn - December 24, 2017

Always love seeing these on Sunday morning. I can’t believe this is the penultimate!! Thanks for a great year!!

judylobo - December 24, 2017

You crack me up with your ‘not so’ secret identity

6. Marsha Dowshen - December 24, 2017

But i want to see a picture of YOU with your happy bunch of critters.
Ditto to what everyone else said.
Happy holidays dear Judy.

judylobo - December 24, 2017

I will have to work on getting a photo of me with the gang. Happy and healthy to you too my old friend.

7. Helen Risom Belluschi - December 24, 2017

I love your weekly posts, and the comments from all (above) especially the one(s) that think more selfies are needed!!! How tolerant are those furry pals of yours!! Best wishes for a great 2018!!!!

8. Mary - December 24, 2017

To the Gang at Casa Lobo…..Ho Ho Ho …..precious Xmas getup photos! 🙂

9. cgnsongbird@aol.com - December 24, 2017

All the best to you Judith. I look forward to your photos every week.

Christine (a friend of Joan Scheier)

10. Bonnie - December 24, 2017

My sweet friend, I just love all of these amazing pics. You are a star that just keeps on shining. Heres to an awesome year ahead filled with love and laughter…

judylobo - December 24, 2017

Right back at ya my oldest friend.

11. Elise - December 24, 2017

AWESOME pirate patch on Jack! Happy Holidays, Judy!

12. Michelle Krauss - December 26, 2017

Always an outrageous showing of beauty and humor! You are the best and we always know that we can look forward to your weekly showing. Here’s to another wonderful year. Thank you! Love from the Ktauss house

judylobo - December 26, 2017

Thanks for those lovely words.

13. Noemi Medina - December 27, 2017

Hi Judy, Thank you for another wonderful year working with you and for sharing your beautiful family pictures of your pets. As always, you have the gift of capturing the beauty within everyone.

Happy Holidays and a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year 2018! Love you big time…:)

14. Verna Manion - December 27, 2017

Your entire entourage enjoys “Happy Holidays!” Jack appears modeling his jackets and kitties are basking in the great view. I hope you had as many good moments as you have given them-
Best for the New Year ahead, Verna

15. judylobo - December 27, 2017

Same to you. And thank you.

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