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When your first name is snow… January 7, 2018

Posted by judylobo in Zoo.
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Most of us experienced bone chilling temperatures this week along with Thursday’s bomb cyclone snowstorm. The option of staying home eluded me and off I went to my home base, the Central Park Zoo. It was frigid, it was windy, it hurt – but worth it to watch the animals whose first names are ‘snow’ enjoy the storm. The top eight rows of photos depict our snow leopards and snow monkeys and were taken Thursday and the bottom five rows of photos are vintage 2014 pics. Special note to Central Park Zoo fans – the top photo is of our new male snow leopard named Kumush. If you are stuck inside in this frozen tundra of weather why not visit my youtube site. I haven’t uploaded a video in a very long time but there are 10 years of videos for you to enjoy. I am closing in on a million views.


1. Marit - January 7, 2018

Stunning photos! 😃

2. Ellen lee - January 7, 2018

Fabulous photos

3. Terry Phelan - January 7, 2018

Wow… I truly appreciated these because my middle name is ‘snow’ >

4. Connie Robb - January 7, 2018

Amazing….thanks for sharing your talent 👍

5. joel dowshen - January 7, 2018

Nice. Next set — sun bunnies please.

judylobo - January 7, 2018

Soon – hopefully real soon

6. Carole Rycus - January 7, 2018

You are as fierce & brave as the snow leopard to go out in this weather! Loved the photos!

judylobo - January 7, 2018

Or just plain stupid.

7. Marsha Dowshen - January 7, 2018

Time for a photo book!

judylobo - January 7, 2018

Hmmm – I don’t know about that. But thanks Marsha

8. bumper sticker - January 7, 2018

Beautiful!!! Thanks.

9. fotobuff14 - January 7, 2018

Stunning photos Judy. You braved some bad weather but it was well worth it.

judylobo - January 7, 2018

Thanks so much. I think I am still thawing out.

10. Mary - January 7, 2018

Chillingly lovely pics! Wish we humans could endure these temps like the adorable snow beings! 🙂

11. Noemi Medina - January 9, 2018

WOW; such beauty has no words. Thanks for sharing your talents.

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