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While at the Central Park Zoo May 6, 2018

Posted by judylobo in Zoo.
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My timing was excellent this week. Not only did spring finally arrive in New York City, but I was able to return to work after 10 weeks of shoulder recovery and physical therapy (ouch). The animals, the welcoming staff, the spring flowers and blossoming trees were music to my ears and subjects to be photographed. Enjoy this week’s photos.


1. Terry Phelan - May 6, 2018

The critters were happy to see you back too >

2. Nathalie - May 6, 2018

Wonderful photos. What a gorgeous duck! What is the animal at the top that looks like a cross between a guinea pig and a panda?

judylobo - May 6, 2018

That adorable creature is Marcus, the Cloud Rat

3. Connie Robb - May 6, 2018

So pleased to see you back on form. Love the birds at top – what are they?

judylobo - May 6, 2018

Thanks Connie. Those birds are Nicobar pigeons.

4. Michelle Krauss - May 6, 2018

I like the tulips too!

5. Ellen Lee - May 6, 2018

looks like the animals were waiting for your return. Wonderful series of photos.

judylobo - May 7, 2018

Thank you Ellen

6. Mary Radice - May 6, 2018

B-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l ……:)

7. Carole Rycus - May 6, 2018


8. The Florida Sistah - May 6, 2018

Fabulous photos. So happy to see you back doing what you love!

9. fotobuff14 - May 6, 2018

Glad to see you are feeling better Judy. Love the photos. I can see that the Pygmy Mongoose all gathered together to welcome you back. How cute is that photo? Thanks for sharing

10. Carol - May 7, 2018

Welcome back to the zoo Judy! Your new pictures are as beautiful as always. You haven’t lost your touch. Carol

judylobo - May 7, 2018

Thanks so much. It is good to be back

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