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Cleveland Metroparks Zoo August 12, 2018

Posted by judylobo in Zoo.
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Our final stop on our mini-zoocation was the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. We hadn’t been there since 2010 and there were many positive changes to this large zoo. Thanks to our hosts, Amy and Jenny for showing us around town and sharing their home with us. Among the many zoo surprises were three snow leopard kittens, a baby rhino, an adorable young orangutan and a baby Persian onager (horse). 


1. Terry Phelan - August 12, 2018

I liked >


2. Terry Phelan - August 12, 2018

Sorry I sent a blank..sort of like me sometimes… Any the onager was new to me…. I’d hoped AMY would have been one of the shots… of well >


3. Connie Robb - August 12, 2018

How exciting for Cleveland to have all these babies.

Judy, would you suggest Borneo to see a good variety of birds – It does seem crazy, but I’ve always wanted to visit Malaysia. Costa Rica is supposed to be good too


judylobo - August 12, 2018

Our mutual friend Judy P has been to Borneo. She could probably advise you better than I can. Costa Rica is terrific (and much closer).


4. fotobuff14 - August 13, 2018

Awesome set Judy. Love the baby Snow Leopard and baby Lemur. Thanks for sharing.


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