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Rolling Hills Zoo, Salina, Kansas September 23, 2018

Posted by judylobo in Zoo.
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Zoo #3 on our Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas zoocation was the scenic and walker friendly, Rolling Hills Zoo in Salina, Kansas. What started out as a 64,000 square foot indoor natural history museum eventually also expanded into a zoo. Executive director, Bob Jenkins was our host and guide. He deftly explained the history of the museum and zoo and generously shared of his time. If you find yourself traveling through these lush, green parts of Kansas I encourage a visit. Thanks again to Bob Jenkins. My first of three photography opportunities at the Central Park Zoo is in five weeks. To see all three photo op workshops, click here


1. Terry Phelan - September 23, 2018

I loved the ending paws… >


2. Mary Schwalm - September 23, 2018

Love the snake and ostrich face off!


3. Mary Radice - September 23, 2018

Wow…really beautiful – Roll on Judy! 🙂


4. Noemi Medina - September 24, 2018

Beautiful photos. You have a way of capturing the essence of wildlife!!


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