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Sedgwick County Zoo, Wichita, Kansas October 7, 2018

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Zoo #5 on our Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas zoocation was the terrific and beautiful Sedgwick County Zoo in Wichita, Kansas. It is definitely now in my top 10 zoos. It has pretty much everything a zoo lover could ask for. It is a lovely locale to meander, the sight lines were amazing and the collection is diverse and ample. A big shout out to Ecotherm Curator, Nate Nelson who treated us to a 90 minute introduction, via golf cart, to this expansive zoo. He was generous with his time, informative and added to the sweet memory of our visit. Our time there was enhanced by a baby orangutan, swimming tiger and most surprising of all, swimming, bathing elephants. Oh yes, and tickling a hippo under the chin was pretty special too. If you find yourself anywhere near Wichita, you really should stop by.


1. Helen Risom Belluschi - October 7, 2018

You and The Hippo, I love it!!! ((I am also partial to baby orangs, and baby most anything!) What a wonderful romp through Kansas, I am sharing your photos with KS friends.


2. Ellen Lee - October 7, 2018

Love viewing your zoo images each Sunday. Am never disappointed


3. ianstandivanphotography - October 7, 2018

looks like a great facility, you obviously had a great time there


4. Mary Radice - October 7, 2018

The pic with you and hippo is so so fabulous…. 🙂


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