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Tulsa Zoo, Tulsa, Oklahoma October 14, 2018

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Zoo #6 on our Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas zoocation was the delightfully beautiful Tulsa Zoo . A big shout out to Evan Newpher who gave us a wonderful welcome and extensive tour of the zoo and it’s history. They have a terrific animal collection with exhibit areas divided into distinct temperature and climate zones. The rain forest features lush plantings and free roaming animals. It is an immersive experience that we enjoyed immensely. If you find yourself in that neck of the woods I encourage a visit.


1. Terry Phelan - October 14, 2018

Glad to view the animals..this way… Unless I decide to run for higher office and must tour the country, I will not see them in pers


2. Ellen Lee - October 14, 2018

Enjoy all your adventures


judylobo - October 14, 2018

Thanks so much Elllen


3. Mary Radice - October 14, 2018

Beautiful…..love the bird next to the otter – the crown and markings are so lovely – not sure if it’s a kingfisher but I’ll guess it is!! 🙂


judylobo - October 14, 2018

Red and yellow barbet


Mary Radice - October 14, 2018

Thanks Judy! 🙂


4. Noemi Medina - October 15, 2018

As always….WOW. Thank you for sharing your adventures, and keeping us close to wildlife beautiful animals.


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