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Southwick’s Zoo – 2018 December 9, 2018

Posted by judylobo in Zoo.
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The penultimate stop on our fall mini-zoocation is an annual favorite – the Southwick’s Zoo in Mendon MA. Southwick’s is always fun and I encourage you to visit. They are closed for the season now (except for several weekends). You can check out their website for dates. My zoocation sidekick and good friend Mary Schwalm has created another desktop calendar for 2019. I have already ordered mine and got them in the mail the other day. Check them out here. A perfect stocking stuffer.


1. Ellen Lee - December 9, 2018

Thanks. Another zoo to put on my list.


2. Terry Phelan - December 9, 2018

I will go when I visit Mary and Elise >


Elise - December 9, 2018

We look forward to your visit, Terry!


3. Mary Radice - December 9, 2018

Great pic of the tapir – so cute! And as always nice rest of shots….:)


4. bumper sticker - December 9, 2018

Was working at CPZ yesterday and spoke to a young woman (in her 30’s) who told me that her vacations are visits to zoos around the country. I said, “oh, you do zoocations!”. She thought that word was perfect. Thanks for the great photos.That Madagascar Hissing Cockroach with his toys is, well, a bit different.


5. Your ultimate fan! - December 11, 2018

This penultimate pictorial is the ultimate one in my book!


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