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Oakland Zoo November 24, 2019

Posted by judylobo in Zoo.
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Our penultimate stop on 2019 Zoocation was the always terrific Oakland Zoo. I have been visiting this facility for the past 20 years when my niece moved to the west coast. It has grown and only gotten more enjoyable with each visit. A big shout out to Chantal for arranging our visit and to docent Guy for a fun filled tour of the California trail. We spent a lot of time watching their bears play in the water and also spotting their litter of wolf pups. The views are amazing from the top of the facility. If you are on the west coast I encourage you to visit.


1. Passport Overused - November 24, 2019

Great post 🙂


2. Ellen Lee - November 24, 2019

Great pictures


3. Mary Radice - November 24, 2019

I’ve seen turtle pileups but never lizard pileups – really cool capture!


4. fotobuff14 - November 24, 2019

Incredible shots Judy. I went to the Oakland Zoo several years ago and was pleasantly surprised as the reviews I had read were not exciting.The grounds were beautiful and the animals looked happy and healthy. Mark and I had a wonderful day there.

Judy you should start a club where everyone could go on zoocations together. I think it would become quite popular.


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