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I spy with my little eye… June 7, 2020

Posted by judylobo in Zoo.
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 This is day 88 of hanging around Casa Lobo during Covid19. Hope all of you are doing well and staying sane and healthy. I’ve been walking my dog, Mr. Pepe’s little legs off. Enjoying my recent theme of children’s games as inspiration and thanks to an idea by my friend Roni in Canada this week I feature ‘I spy with my little eye…’ Last week’s Hide and Seek and the previous week’s Duck, Duck Goose were just as much fun. “The soul can speak through the eyes, and kiss with a look.” Some experts, whose jobs require them to study faces, have observed that eyes are the window to the soul because they’re the most sincere part of the face. Enjoy some of these beautiful eyes.


1. Barbara Bunting - June 7, 2020

Very clever, I look forward to your weekly posts. Stay healthy.


judylobo - June 7, 2020

Thanks Barbara. You too.


2. Irene - June 7, 2020

The eyes have it!


judylobo - June 7, 2020

They sure do


3. Ellen Lee - June 7, 2020

Great subj3c5 – very well done as always


judylobo - June 7, 2020

Thanks Ellen. Hope you are well.


4. Linda Furman - June 7, 2020

So much intelligence in those eyes.


5. Mary Radice - June 7, 2020

Just beautiful eye contacts! And I also have to admit I like jokes about eyes. The cornea the better. 🙂


judylobo - June 7, 2020

Hahaha – oh Mary.


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