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Monkey in the Middle September 6, 2020

Posted by judylobo in Zoo.
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 It is day 177 for me being home during the COVID19 pandemic. I continue my theme of cbhildren’s games with one that we used to play on the streets of old Brooklyn when we were kids. My sister and I could not remember our rules but we know for sure – that we played it. Monkey in the Middle, Piggy in the Middle, Pickle in a Dish, Keep Away or Pickle in the Middle, is a children’s game in which two or more players must pass a ball to one another, while a player in the middle attempts to intercept it. Yes, I have stretched the ‘monkey’ theme to include prosimians because – well, I liked the photos. Stay safe, avoid crowds and wear a mask this holiday weekend.


1. Mjwyatt - September 6, 2020



2. Ellen lee - September 6, 2020

So sweet


3. Mary Radice - September 6, 2020

Precious – thanks Judy! 🙂


4. fotobuff14 - September 6, 2020

Fabulous set of photos Judy. Thanks for sharing.


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