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Who’s Got the Winter Munchies? January 27, 2019

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Perhaps we humans all gain a bit of weight in the winter. Today’s montage salutes animals who make healthy food choices all year round.

Prospect Park Zoo – Early August August 5, 2012

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The Prospect Park Zoo is the first zoo I ever visited – way, way, way back when I was a child growing up in Brooklyn.  It, thankfully, is not the same zoo that I remember but now a wonderful, ever growing collection of beautiful animals.  Southdown sheep, Fred and Ginger recently has a lamb,. There is a terrific new cow named Tetley, baby dwarf mongoose pups, an active frog collection, fabulous birds and of course, lots of primates.  Don’t forget to visit the walkabout to enjoy seeing the kangaroos, dingoes and very friendly Cape Barren Goose.

Central Park Zoo – Sept. 5, 2010 September 5, 2010

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While at the Zoo you can see the Penguins going through their seasonal molt, the snow monkeys as playful as ever and the new dwarf and banded mongoose tearing around their habitats.  All  fun to observe. Come visit.

Summertime Zoo Yawns August 22, 2010

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We are enduring those dog days of August.  It is hot, sticky and while at the zoo you can easily see both the residents and the visitors catching a big yawn every now and then. And yes, that is my dog Benny, caught in the act of yawning too.  If you want to see these images larger, go here.