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All in Good Time March 12, 2023

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It is that time of year when we spring our clocks forward one hour.  There are lots of opinions about this issue. I don’t have an opinion about changing the clocks – I just love clocks. I have more clocks in my house than I need and I like looking at them. And by the way – I am never late. My sister Terry alerted me to The Horological Society of NY because she knows how passionate I am about clocks. Located in a beautiful old building in midtown Manhattan it is a gem of a find. The collection on view now is from James Arthur. Lots and lots of pocket watches. Wonder if the ladies of the day had watches. Did they even have pockets? Tempus fugit my friends.

It’s a Small World After All February 26, 2023

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 Run, don’t walk to see this wonderful, fun, inspiring exhibit that opened this week in Manhattan (718 Broadway). Small is beautiful, Miniature Art presents 32 international artists and their work. ‘It is an incredible journey and a unique experience that offers behind-the-scenes access to small-scale universes full of artistry and poetry, whose only limit is the creative vision of their authors’. I left my own reflection in some of these photos so you can see how very small the artwork is. This is a delightful voyage inside creative minds and their worlds. It is suitable for the entire family. Don’t forget to watch the video towards the end of the exhibit. And of course you exit through the fun gift shop. They told me it will be there through August.