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Introducing Mr. Pepe January 12, 2020

Posted by judylobo in Zoo.
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 A big welcome to the newest member of the Gang at Casa Lobo – Mr. Pepe. He is about nine years old and is a sweet, loving, quiet, cat tolerating, friendly addition to the family. We have sadly been dog-less for fourteen months when we had to say goodbye to One-eyed Jack. I follow Susie’s Senior Dogs on facebook and have been watching for that one special dog to appear. About a month ago I saw an ad (featuring Mr.Pepe’s photo in upper left) for their pop up adoption event in Soho (see ad below in montage). I walked down to Soho, met Mr. Pepe, spoke with his amazing foster Mom and that was pretty much it. After my application and references (thank you Sue, Kelly and Karen) were processed – he was ours. A shout out to the all volunteers at Friends with Four Paws who orchestrate the transfer and placement of dogs from Oklahoma into foster homes in the New York/NJ/CT. My three cats (especially Roberta) came around pretty quickly and we are looking forward to new adventures together. Audrey the cat has been sniffing him quite a bit. However, Pete is taking his sweet time. He will come around…I am sure.
A reminder that my photo session at the Central Park Zoo is one month from today (Feb.9). It promises to be lots of fun, photo worthy and filled with hearts. Sign up here.