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One-eyed Jack – In Memorium December 22, 2018

Posted by judylobo in Zoo.
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It is with a heavy, broken heart that I tell you One-eyed Jack crossed the Rainbow Bridge this week. His health had taken a downward spiral in the past few months and it was time. I rescued Jack as a senior dog from Best Friends about two and a half years ago. He brought so much joy to my life. He was friendly with everyone. He loved kids, other dogs, street vendors, my apartment building staff and neighbors. Not a walk went by that someone did not come up to us to chat. Many New Yorkers would yell out ‘WISHBONE’ when they saw us (you might have to google that one). New Yorkers have a soft spot in their hearts for dogs, especially adorable one-eyed dogs. The one flaw he had was his insistence upon rising before daylight. We would traipse out into the dark of night and almost had the city to ourselves. Jack also adored my two cats, Audrey and Roberta and they adored him. I created a facebook page for them and we garnered close to 500 fans most who did not know me, but fell in love with Audrey, Roberta and One-eyed Jack. The house seems a lot emptier now and it will take awhile for a new normal to emerge. I have already been asked if I am going to get another dog. It is too soon to even contemplate that right now but if I do – I will adopt another senior dog as they need homes, aren’t nearly as cute as puppies but it is the right thing to do. Thank you all for caring about One-eyed Jack. It means a lot to me.


1. ladyloloo@aol.com - December 22, 2018

Dear Judy, I am so sorry about Jack. He was one lucky dog to  have spent his senior years with you. I know how sad  you must be. Lois

judylobo - December 22, 2018

Thank you Lois. This was very hard.

2. Carole Klein - December 22, 2018

How lucky for both you and Jack to find each other in the senior years of Jack’s life.

There is no doubt that his sisters will miss him as well.

Now, sleep in past early dawn, my friend.


judylobo - December 22, 2018

Thanks Carole. It turns out I still get up before dawn.

3. Elaine - December 22, 2018

Dear Judy: I’m so very sorry about losing Jack. I know how these little creatures steal your heart. Be nice to yourself.

With my condolences,

elaine charney

judylobo - December 22, 2018

Thanks so much Elaine

4. Christine Giglio - December 22, 2018

So sorry for your loss, Judy. I can imagine how painful the loss is.

Christine Giglio

judylobo - December 22, 2018

Thanks Christine. The tears keep flowing. It is going to take awhile

5. Ellen Lee - December 22, 2018

So very sorry. You gave him much happiness.

judylobo - December 22, 2018

Thanks Ellen

6. Carol and Mario - December 22, 2018

Dear Judy,

Deepest condolences in your loss of adorable one-eyed Jack. Have so enjoyed his antics over the past couple of years and are particularly sad that you have experienced this loss during the holiday season. Hang in there….

With much sympathy, Carol and Mario

judylobo - December 22, 2018

Thanks so much

7. Christina Nelson - December 22, 2018

Very sorry, Judy, about the passing of your dearly-beloved One-Eyed Jack! He was a fine-looking fellow … I loved seeing pictures of him & hearing of his activities. With love & sympathy to you & the kitties.

judylobo - December 22, 2018

Thanks Christina

8. Mary - December 22, 2018

Heartbroken for you Judy, he was such a good sweet dog, his life far extended by your love and care. Extra attention for my four-legged crew today in Jacks memory.

judylobo - December 22, 2018

Give Jpeg some treats from me please.

9. harb43 - December 22, 2018

Oh no.😢 I am so very sorry. You did a wonderful thing, giving him these last GOOD years. Sleep in and imagine him romping around (with 2 good eyes) from cloud to cloud. The girls (both black cats, Bella and Ruby) and I will miss him. xoxo

10. Carol King - December 22, 2018

Awww. Jack was such a sweetie. You gave him a wonderful life. He will be missed.

11. Gloria - December 22, 2018

Dear Judy,
This is very sad news. Jack was such a sweetheart. Everyone will miss him but my special condolences to all at Casa Lobo.
With find regards,

judylobo - December 22, 2018

Thanks so much Gloria

12. Karen Schwalm - December 22, 2018

Judy, David and I (and our own Jack) are so sorry to hear about your Jack. It’s sad to lose a pet; we are on our fourth “emergency back-up dog,” so there is always a junior waiting in the wings, but it is still a sad adjustment. Karen

judylobo - December 22, 2018

Thanks Karen. This one is just so raw right now. Time…

13. joel dowshen - December 22, 2018

So sorry, Judy. A handsome, brave, loyal, and admirable guy. Be well Casa Loboians. Remember. And, look forward to the joys the New Year will bring.

judylobo - December 22, 2018

2019 cannot come soon enough for me

14. Carole Rycus - December 22, 2018

My heart goes out to you. One eyed Jack will be missed by all, even people like me who never met him in person.

judylobo - December 22, 2018

Thank you Carole. You would have adored him.

15. Lisette - December 22, 2018

What a handsome boy! He was very lucky to have such a wonderful human! Huggies!

16. mary - December 22, 2018

So sorry Judy….he was indeed a lucky dog to have you and you him.

17. Elise - December 22, 2018

So hard to lose a pet. He was a sweet boy!

18. Cynthia Dortz - December 22, 2018

My deepest sympathy.

19. jude410@gmail.com - December 22, 2018

Dear Judy~ You gave One-eyed Jack a good life for his senior years. He was very fortunate to have you adopt him. He was a good companion to you and Roberta and Audrey. He will always be in your good memories. Judy

Sent from my iPhone


judylobo - December 22, 2018

Thanks Judy. I know you understand

20. bassomatic - December 22, 2018

Didn’t he once bite me on the finger causing me extreme pain and a visit to the ER?

Oh, wait, no, that was my dog. Sorry about the confusion.

21. David Meza - December 22, 2018

Sorry to hear. May he Rest In Peace. I hope you are doing well


22. Judy - December 23, 2018

Love these photos. Great memories of this special dog. Thank you for sharing. So sorry. It’s so hard to lose such a friend

23. ellen - December 23, 2018

sorry for the loss of such a good friend and family member (i still miss my dog who died a very long time ago). of course you can’t replace jack–but someday you may want to give some family joy to another old timer–and how lucky you will both be.

24. Ruth Klein - December 24, 2018

So terribly sorry to hear about your loss. I love all the photos, and especially the ones where Jack has that wonderful grin on his face. You made his life joyful.

judylobo - December 24, 2018

Thanks so much Ruth. This was a tough one.

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