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Central Park Zoo – end of July July 29, 2012

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It has been about two months since I sent out photos from my home base – the Central Park Zoo.  There’s lots going on, as usual, at the zoo. Our four species of penguins are fattening up for the upcoming molting season. Gus, the polar bear, plays with his toys in the cool refreshing pool. The three coati brothers (Lobo, Zev and Wolfie) continue to be playful and active most of the day.  Our fabulous sea ducks cool themselves off in the sprinklers and ponds.  Come visit soon and meet our two new sensational Hyacinth Macaws, located directly outside the Penguin House. Other animals featured today are the red crested turaco, Rahjah sehlduck, Jambu fruit dove, April the sea lion, a muntjac, Atlantic puffin, crested coua, red panda and snow monkey.