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Lovely Weather for Ducks February 6, 2011

Posted by judylobo in Birds, Nature, photography, Sea Ducks, Wildlife, Zoo.
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It is lovely weather for ducks. Especially the sea ducks that can be found at the Central Park Tisch Children’s Zoo. A glorious display of Harlequins, Chinese Mergansers, White-winged scoters, Baikal teals, Pacific Common Eiders, White-headed, Lesser Scaups, and my favorite, the smew.  Check them all out below in this week’s continuing winter montage series.  Don’t forget – today starts the first of four early opening hour Sundays for photographers at the Central Park Zoo.  Get your tickets at 9 AM at the gate and enjoy the Zoo an hour before opening to capture the beauty of the Zoo’s collection. I’ll be there.
Check out the eider duck feeding frenzy video I found on youtube below.