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Sitting Ducks September 10, 2017

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The term ‘sitting ducks’ is usually not taken literally – but here you go. For those that ask me to identify my photos the following ducks are featured today. Chinese Mandarins, Spectacled and Common Eiders, Red-breasted Mergansers, Harlequins, Marbled Teal, White-headed, Pink-eared, Falcated, Philippine, Ruddy shelducks, Long-tailed, Scaly sided Mergansers, Pygmy geese (really ducks) and Baer’s Pochard. All of these photos were taken at the Central Park Zoo and the mature ducks can be seen today at the  Zoo.
I will be running my seventh annual October (think pumpkins) photo series experience at the Central Park Zoo on Sun, Oct 29, 2017 from 8:30AM – 10:00AM. It is filling up fast. For tickets click here.

Lovely Weather for Ducks February 6, 2011

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It is lovely weather for ducks. Especially the sea ducks that can be found at the Central Park Tisch Children’s Zoo. A glorious display of Harlequins, Chinese Mergansers, White-winged scoters, Baikal teals, Pacific Common Eiders, White-headed, Lesser Scaups, and my favorite, the smew.  Check them all out below in this week’s continuing winter montage series.  Don’t forget – today starts the first of four early opening hour Sundays for photographers at the Central Park Zoo.  Get your tickets at 9 AM at the gate and enjoy the Zoo an hour before opening to capture the beauty of the Zoo’s collection. I’ll be there.
Check out the eider duck feeding frenzy video I found on youtube below.