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Winter at the Staten Island Zoo February 8, 2015

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foxIt is always a treat to introduce friends to the fun at the always terrific Staten Island Zoo. Along with the terrific zoo collection, we got to meet up-close and personal, a young ground hornbill, Gregory the fennec fox, Foster the kangaroo, the now grown arctic foxes and of course, the popcorn smelling adorable, young binturong.  Thanks again to Veterinarian and General Curator, Dr. Marc Valitutto for his time and energy.  We loved our visit (and will be back).WINTERSIZOO

Staten Island Zoo April 22, 2012

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We had a real treat this week.  We were invited by my friend, Marc Valitutto, to visit him at the Staten Island Zoo.  Marc is their new General Curator and Veterinarian.  He gave us a fabulous tour and shared some of the plans that he has for this 75 year old zoo.  I look forward to visiting Marc often and watch as his plans come to light.  If you look carefully, you will spot the zoo’s famous Staten Island Chuck, who gives Punxsutawney Phil a run for his money each Ground Hog Day. Not only was the zoo lots of fun, but we got to ride the Staten Island ferry and on the return trip and stopped to visit the beautiful 9/11 Memorial that is right near the ferry and well worth your time.  There is a photo of this lovely spot on the bottom of today’s montage.